Shophouses of Penang

Today is the first day of easing restrictions from the third lockdown, in England. With light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel I’m starting to feel a little hope (mostly hoping that it’s not a train!).  As always, art and fellow artists have kept me form going crazy during this time. 

Yesterday’s sketch was done during  another fun Instagram Live with 4 amazing sketchers, Alvin (@artofalvin), Marek (@marekbad64), Siu-Lan (@slc.scribbles) and Leslie (@montrealsketcher). This time, drawing the shophouses of Penang from a photo taken by Barbara Weibel. Hilarious banter and some fantastic sketching was achieved before Alvin broke the internet!

Instead of just using the pencil, I went in with permanent black ink with a fountain pen before adding watercolour. There’s always room for improvement but for now, here it is:


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